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Lymphatic Drainage massage Melbourne Lymphologist Lymph Drainage

Holistic Medicine Practitioner in Blackburn
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Lymphatic drainage to boost the immune
Hothouse boosts your immune system

It creates a low fever state of 1-3 degrees. Making cytokines, white blood cells & killer T-cells

Every degree your temperature increases doubles your immune system

Elimination of bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites &...

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Lymphatic drainage Weight loss

As the body detoxifies cells work better & crave less sugar & fats

Hothouse increases metabolism by rays of heat. Cells function rapidly & efficiently, enhancing the cardiovascular & immune system. Burning HUGE amounts of calories.

1 hour under hothouse burns ove...

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Lymphatic drainage massage Lymph system drainage massage by Certified Lymphologist
The lymphatic system is the sewer system of the body. Removing inflammation, toxins & poisons from the body.
Blood brings everything your cells need to work & regenerate.
The lymphatic system removes waste. so good...

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Lymphatic Drainage with Lymphologist at Energy Wellness. The lymphatic system gets rid of cellulite, fat & toxins. Only 4 ways to activate the Lymphatic system. Certified Lymphologist at Energy Wellness will activate all 4 ways, removing cellulite, fat & toxins faster than anything out there. One...

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Lymphatic Drainage with Lymphologist You have 200,000 kilometers of lymphatic vessels within your body. You have 96,500 kilometers of blood vessels. Blood brings oxygen & nutrition in, & the lymphatic system takes the waste, toxins & poisons out. Your lymphatic system pulls all the toxins into th...

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Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD

Emotions are stored in the body as magnetic fields, some are helpful & some are harmful.
Everything is based in Physics, not Chemistry. Must know this to get well.
When 2 hydrogen atoms join with oxygen to form water, they exchange electrons.

Your body is an electr...

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Lymphatic Drainage with Lymphologist
You have 200,000 kilometers of lymphatic vessels in your body. That is around the world 3 times.
Three times more than blood vessels
Blood vessels bring oxygen & nutrition into your body
And the Lymphatic system will take the waste out of your body
Only 4 ways...

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10 months ago
I play a lot of sport an I’m a very active person. Due to this I often get inflammation and when I do I got straight to Sean for a lymphatic drainage session. The best thing about it is the results are immediate. He also educates you on more than just the treatment itself, but a holistic view of energy and wellness. Highly recommend!!
- James T
10 months ago
I met Sean through mutual best friend in QLD, so we shared contact details, when I flew down into Melbourne (Sept 2018 and mid June 2019) I had made it priority to visit Sean & Michelle's place. Sean explain how body lymphatic system works, why it's important for self care & then hopped on his vibrating bed (fell asleep), I felt invigorated & was buzzing full of energy loved the experience! I highly recommend Sean (& Michelle) because they both look after themselves holistically and lead with their servant hearts to service others, in my opinion health is wealth & their service is worth every penny, thank you Sean & Michelle !!
- Mark A
10 months ago
This real act of heeling that suffer inflammation. I receive my first session and I am full of energy. Thanks Sean and thank you JESUS for bringing Sean into our life
- Tangi E

About us

Certified Lymphologist removing inflammation so the body can heal itself.
Energy bed sessions will take away your stress & inflammation.
Sessions for
  1. Consultation & Full body scan 
  2. Depression & Anxiety 
  3. Scoliosis & back issues
  4. Weight loss
  5. Collagen mask & facial 
  6. Sports injuries 
  7. Arthritis & Osteoarthritis 
  8. Increase oxygen by 30%
  9. Cancer, Diabetes & all health challenges

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