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Lymphatic Drainage massage Melbourne Lymphologist Lymph Drainage

Holistic Medicine Practitioner in Blackburn
Opening at 11:00 AM tomorrow
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Lymphatic drainage for Sciatica
99% of clients find gone in one session and very happy.
This is a condition that can lead to pain in the back and legs. It occurs when pain travels along the path of the sciatic nerve. This nerve starts in your lower spine and travels through your hip and buttock a...

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Lymphatic Drainage helping with EMF damage, 5G, smart meters, cell phones, etc
What is negative potential energy
We are electrical beings
Cells need to maintain a negative charge, so nutrition & oxygen can get in.
Waste out to maintain health
Without is negative charge tiredness, pain & disease...

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Lymphatic Drainage to remove toxins, cellulite, and fat with Lymphologist using a medical device for Lymphedema, Lymphoma, and inflammation.
Breath is 1 way to remove toxins. The lymphatic system is the best way to remove toxins. Come see Lymphologist & remove toxins MUCH faster & will increas...

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Lymphatic drainage with Chi machine, a medical device for Lymphedema 1, full-body exercise 2, work out while lying down 3, tension-free on the body, completely supported 4, 15 minutes =’s 1 hour & 30-minute walk 5, increase oxygen by 30% 6, increase energy & metabolism-boosting weight loss 7, gen...

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Lymphatic Drainage - Boost immune - Burn fat in one session.
You will burn 800 calories while laying down and relaxing with sound therapy.
Boost immune and increase oxygen by 30% One session same as a 2-hour walk.
Lay down with clothes on, most people fall asleep, so relaxing.
Book in with Miche...

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Mental Health at Energy Wellness also Boost immune and oxygen by 30%
1 in 4 people in the USA has considered suicide because of lockdown.
If you need help to relax, release stress, anxiety, and depression we have great solutions.
After the session, you will feel like a new person
Book in with

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Lymphatic drainage Helping with fat loss, chronic fatigue, water retention & skin disorders
Cleaning liver & kidneys instead of forcing the body’s skin to process toxins through the skin
Repairs damaged & diseased tissues. By emitting photons to release enzymes, to activate macrophages that elimi...

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Water molecules vibrate burning fat in your body
Trapped gases carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, heavy metals, poisons & carcinogens eliminated
Lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminum, cholesterol, ammonia, copper, cadmium, urea, nicotine, alcohol, prescription drugs residue
7 times more effective than ot...

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Open in Lockdown - Mental health - burn fat at Energy Wellness
Blackburn & South Morang
Michelle or Sean will put you on SOQI bed, 5 medical machines that remove inflammation, fat, toxins, stress & anxiety
Regenerate your body, balance hormonal system & heal diegestive system ( leaky gut glutone ...

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a year ago
I play a lot of sport an I’m a very active person. Due to this I often get inflammation and when I do I got straight to Sean for a lymphatic drainage session. The best thing about it is the results are immediate. He also educates you on more than just the treatment itself, but a holistic view of energy and wellness. Highly recommend!!
- James T
a year ago
I met Sean through mutual best friend in QLD, so we shared contact details, when I flew down into Melbourne (Sept 2018 and mid June 2019) I had made it priority to visit Sean & Michelle's place. Sean explain how body lymphatic system works, why it's important for self care & then hopped on his vibrating bed (fell asleep), I felt invigorated & was buzzing full of energy loved the experience! I highly recommend Sean (& Michelle) because they both look after themselves holistically and lead with their servant hearts to service others, in my opinion health is wealth & their service is worth every penny, thank you Sean & Michelle !!
- Mark A
a year ago
This real act of heeling that suffer inflammation. I receive my first session and I am full of energy. Thanks Sean and thank you JESUS for bringing Sean into our life
- Tangi E

About us

Certified Lymphologist removing inflammation so the body can heal itself.
Energy bed sessions will take away your stress & inflammation.
Sessions for
  1. Consultation & Full body scan 
  2. Depression & Anxiety 
  3. Scoliosis & back issues
  4. Weight loss
  5. Collagen mask & facial 
  6. Sports injuries 
  7. Arthritis & Osteoarthritis 
  8. Increase oxygen by 30%
  9. Cancer, Diabetes & all health challenges

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