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Posted on Jun 14, 2020

Lymphatic Drainage massage Melbourne Lymphologist Lymph Drainage

Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD

Emotions are stored in the body as magnetic fields, some are helpful & some are harmful.
Everything is based in Physics, not Chemistry. Must know this to get well.
When 2 hydrogen atoms join with oxygen to form water, they exchange electrons.

Your body is an electronic device. Healing is voltage, anything that steals energy steals oxygen.
Emotions are stored in the body as magnetic fields, the body should be 65% – charged & 35% + charged.
Emotions stored in are energy blockers. Emotion block flow of electrons.
The body needs the energy to run & repair itself.
Low energy blockage from emotions, leads to chronic disease.

How does Lymphologist help at Energy Wellness
Emotions have a stong wall around them, this is why we cannot remember a lot of them.

Lymphologist will use energy & frequencies to break down the wall & remove bad emotions.
A lot more to it but this is basically happening.
Until we break down that wall protecting that bad emotion, things will not improve. Using drugs or other therapies will only be a band-aid/

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